Army Showcase: Darrin’s Iron Warriors

The group I game with is lucky enough to have quite a few talented gamers in the mix. To help give a bit of variety to this site I like to showcase some of the armies my friends have made.

Today’s showcase is this awesome Iron Warriors army built by Darrin Holmes. I asked him to write a few words to introduce the army, here’s what he sent me:

My Iron Warriors are a detachment from the 8th Grand Company, and are more or less supposed to be from the Iron Cage era (so just after the siege of Terra). I tried to make them as unchaotic as possible while still keeping a few signs of their corruption. As the Iron Warriors never really fully embraced the Gods to the extent of the cult legions or the Word Bearers I feel keeping them more marine-like makes sense. The Obliterators are techmarines with all sorts of esoteric weapons instead of big fleshy monster-men, and my plague marine counts-as are the augmented veterans that are so common in Iron Warrior armies.

A man of few words!

Here are the pictures:

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