Battle for Bekrin Round 9


Sorry I took so long to make  this week’s update!

There was a bit of an anomaly this round in that of the 5 games played, 2 of them resulted in ties! With how rare ties have been since 6th edition dropped it was interesting to see. Even more so with both games involving Team Yellow, who after last week were down to their remaining tile. The game between Jon (Team Black) and Myself (Team Yellow) had Jon play a strategy card to pick The Relic as our mission and it resulted in a 1-1 tie. Andrew (Team Yellow) and Shane (Team Orange) also played a game and it ended up being a 10-10 tie!

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The other games played this round had some special tiles changing hands. Team Yellow is took a Power Station from Team Red bringing them back to 2 tiles, Team Black took back their Starport from Team Orange leaving them with only 3 more (plus the hive!), and Team White beat back Team Red to gain  new Command Bastion.

Here are links to the Game Log as well as the Map Tile spreadsheet.

After getting involved with some Alpha Legion and suffering some heavy losses last week, Matt Lee decided to write some new background for his Crimson Fists. I wonder what he’s planning?

Captain Morrelis has fallen in battle. Lured into a trap by the foul machinations of the alpha legion, the Crimson Fists superior forces have been scattered and forced to retreat with heavy casualties. Morrelis himself was laid low in combat with terminators of the alpha legion, though not before the inflicting several casualties upon the traitors.

A recovery force lead by Codifier Corda was able to recover some survivors in the aftermath. Amazingly, when the body of captain Morrelis was recovered, he was found to still contain a faint spark of life within him.

After undergoing rigorous testing to ensure that the captain remained free of the alpha legion’s taint the decision was made to inter the fallen hero within the shell of an ironclad dreadnought so that he might continue to smite the enemies of the emperor in death.  Techmarine Sanchez reports that though the captain’s transition to a dreadnought has not been easy, Morrelis will soon be ready for battle once more.

The loss of the crimson fist’s leader has been keenly felt throughout the remaining imperial loyalists as tensions between the astral claws and the order of the blessed damsel that the captain had managed to keep in check once again threaten to boil over into open conflict. Codifier Corda has now assumed command of the crimson fists forces on Bekrin while he struggles to hold together the crumbling alliance has begun planning for a potential withdrawl as the situation deteriorates further.

Keep watch for information on the end of the Campaign. Only a few weeks remain!

Enjoy some pictures from this week’s games.