Blood Angels – Forces of the Battle of Bekrin

Player: Lorand Vagaszki
Codex: Blood Angels
Chapter: Blood Angels


The Bridge on the Tears of Remembrance was dimly lit, mainly illuminated by the flickering screens in front of the crew. The space marine strike cruiser had been in this low power status for some time now, orbiting one of the outer planets in the Bekrin system. Just drifting idly and listening, listening for the single to act. At the centre of the command bridge Captain Roland of the 11th company sat leaning to one side, his chin rested on his red gantlet, staring at the view screen. They called him ‘the silent calm’, and here on the bridge he was earning his title. While everyone around him was on edge, the captain sat silently with no expression, even with the message they received earlier. It was surprising that he was still unreadable. The last transmission from the shrine planet Bekrin 52 cycles ago had been a grim one. A message relayed by Roland’s second in command, Chief Librarian Sareth, said three words: “Planet Lost, Standby”.

Roland had sent Sareth to Bekrin in advance when the summoned had come from Inquisitor Cobel Plex of the Ordo Xenos. He had requested aid to the planet, insisting that an attack was inevitable from the forces of chaos. Normally the Adeptus Astartes despise Inquisitors, but Roland knew this one personally. Cobel was unique in the he surrounded himself with Space Marines and had proved himself worthy to fight alongside them. Roland fought a three year campaign with him when he was sent to assist the Sons of Vagaszki Astartes chapter to defend their home world against hive fleet Dagon. Over those three years he saw that this mortal man could handle himself in combat. It was said that Librarian Lorandzo trained him personally in gunplay. To Roland, the thought of a mighty space marine, let alone a great librarian training a mere mortal was unthinkable.

Roland’s thoughts were cut off suddenly what he was waiting for appeared on the view screen. It was coordinates, longitude and latitude and instantly he knew this is where he would meet Cobel once again. The crew instantly knew what to do and the bridge burst into life, lights brightening as the hum of power flowing throughout the ship increased. Roland slowly rose and looked at the bridge captain who had turned to face Roland in his command chair. “Prep Raven 1, and make warp jump as soon as we are ready, the bridge is yours.” He then switched to his command channel, “Solus, be ready in half cycle. We are going in blind, be vigilant.” Solus was his honor guard champion and has been so ever since Roland got the title of Captain. He cut the link before a reply, knowing Solus would get it done. He walked off the bridge to ready for the incursion.

The drop point for planet fall was treacherous one through the middle of a storm, but if the Inquisitor’s message was true and the planet was truly lost, the marines needed to conceal their presence for as long as possible. The storm was a truly powerful one, lightning and thunder cracked and flashed every few second. Roland and his 5 honor guard moved through the thick brush. They have made the initial drop from the Storm Raven with jump packs but had since detached them, and were moving with no power in their power armor. They were going in dark with no power signature; all communication was done by hand signal. They were shadowy ghosts only revealed by flashes of lightning, but even then they would freeze to become one with the environment.

They were around 500 meters to the meeting point when Solus suddenly raised his hand in a fist, freezing the squad in their tracks. Roland waited for a few seconds before the link opened. “Nine contacts, in a patrol pattern” Solus calmly said in a low voice. Roland sent a signal pulse on his command link and waited for the reply. “Blood Watch element in position, have your marks in sight” returned a voice from scout sergeant Relfous. “Acknowledge Blood Watch, on the move.” replied Roland before cutting the link. “Go crimson” Roland said as he turned to his Honor Guard, and as one they all quietly mag-locked their firearms and drew their combat blades. They then waited for the patrol to come close enough to make their move. As they fell on to the patrol, the remaining soldiers silently dropped as well, which Roland knew was the work of snipers from afar. There was a clam and no one moved to see if anyone was missed or noticed the has happened.

Suddenly there a sound of machinery and heavy footsteps as a hulking form was briefly became visible in a flash of lightning. Roland realized the patrol was a bait and he had fallen for it. He wanted to curse but before he could say a word the command link went live.
“Above Captain!”
Not wasting a second Roland activated the power core of his armor, spinning himself to face what was upon him. His lightning claws extended just in time to parry a chainsword from his attacker. There was a boom as the assailant jumped backwards using his jump pack. But before he could land Roland had leapt after him, smashing his sword aside and burying his claws between the marines shoulderpad and neck. With a flick of his wrist he pulled out the claws and the marine, which now Roland saw was an Iron Warriors jump trooper, fell to the ground. His honor guard already had their bolters drawn and were spilling death into the foliage while return fire from enemy bolters barked back. Roland quickly moved to a flanking position and came upon the enemy firing line. The first one did not even have time to turn as his claws took his head off, and using his momentum he went low at the second marine. Roland’s claws took off his leg just below the knees before bringing sweeping one claw in an upward arc into his victim’s torso. Not wasting any time he turned to his third enemy.

This one was already facing him with bolt pistol in one hand and a power axe raised high in the other. He charged Roland firing and screaming a mechanical like war cry. Roland in turned sideways so that his shoulder guard took most of the rounds and then lashed out, cutting the pistol out of the assailants hand and ducking under the swing of the axe which was meant for his neck. The Iron Warrior meet this with a knee which cracked into his helmet, the blow throwing Roland to his back. He brought up his claws just in time to block the axe inches from his chest. As the warrior brought the weapon up high again to deliver the killing blow, there was a high pitched whine and two popping sounds as the chaos marines chest exploded with blue fire and gore.

As Roland rose to his feet he saw a figure emerge from the bush line with two glowing plasma pistols at his side, steaming as the raindrop boiled off the blue power coils. Roland instantly recognized Inquisitor Cobel, his featureless helmet in his hands, flanked by two Deathwatch marines. They had no markings on their left shoulder pads which told Roland they were Black Shields. There were rumors that they these were the last of the Sons of Vagaszki which and now serve the Ordo Xenos. Roland stood up as the Deathwatch to Cobel’s left spoke to him. “Area clear clear Lord”, said the marine, and Cobel nodded and the two marines melted back into the darkness like shadows. “Captain Roland, it seems I intervened just in time” Cobel said, gesturing to the Iron Warrior corpses around him. “I was hoping to have you briefed as soon as we made contact, but events are unfolding at a faster pace than I expected so we need to move out. Relay these coordinates to all your elements, we will rendezvous with them there. The situation here…”. Before he could finish there was a loud boom which came from up above from above the clouds. Cobel cursed as Roland looked up at the sky, seeing the fiery trail of drop pods piercing the clouds. “More chaos marines making planet fall?” Cobel asked as he started walking after Cobel. “No, much worse… Russ’ dogs.” he replied with a hint of humor in his voice.

Supreme Warlord

Librarian Aurelius Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Librarian HQ 5 4 4 4 2 4 2 10 2+/3+ 195
Warlord Trait: Master of Manoeuvre

Force Axe
Storm Shield
Psychic Hood
Terminator Armour

Special Rules
Epistolary (Psyker Level 2)
And They Shall Know No Fear
Independent Character

Psychic Discipline