Finished Models

Nobs, Boyz and Killa Kans

I think I’m getting close to getting all the pictures I have of my ork army up. Going though these again, I’ve realized that I really should take more pictures of the finished models, most of these are very out of date! Da Boyz Nobs Killa Kans

Astronomi-con Toronto 2009

Here are the photographs I took at Astronomi-con Toronto 2009. Astronomi-con is a great event that’s held yearly around the country. It’s a very different type of tournament, where the hobby is the priority. I highly recommend going!

Flash Gitz and Zagstruk

Since my old site went down so suddenly, I wasn’t able to cleanly export all the images from my old Galley… so I’m left having to re-upload everything one album at a time. I’m incredibly lazy, so this may take a while! First up, I’ve uploaded the galleries for my Flash Gitz and Zagstruk and …

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Ork Meganobz

After searching for a long time for some affordable Meganob models, a friend of mine was willing to give some up for a decent trade. And then shortly after I received more in payment of a debt! So now I have around 9 Meganobz and a Ghazgkhull awaiting stripping and possibly painting. I managed to …

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