Ork Meganobz

Meganobz Front

After searching for a long time for some affordable Meganob models, a friend of mine was willing to give some up for a decent trade. And then shortly after I received more in payment of a debt! So now I have around 9 Meganobz and a Ghazgkhull awaiting stripping and possibly painting.

I managed to bang three out quickly over the past two weeks. I didn’t bother stripping them, but I probably should have. One of them was missing a head, so I replaced it with a plastic nob head. The two combi-weapons came with the rockets clipped off, so I cleaned them up and made use of the old metal dread Skorchas to give them some size. To balance this out I remade the shoota barrel. I then did similar for the twin linked shoota, slapping a plastic shoota barrel underneath. The stock model’s gun was just pathetic before, now it is much better…

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