MERCS – CCC Heavy and Assault Leader

After a being away for a good chunk of the summer, I managed to finish two more minis for my CCC squad for MERCS, the heavy and assault leader.  Only three more models to go to finish the squad. More of our gaming group is starting to pick up MERCS, so I’m more motivated to finish these now.

The heavy assault:  I tried for a more muted appearance with this guy by not going as bright with the highlights on the armoured areas as I did before.  I’m not too sure I like how it turned out, he doesn’t really pop out at you very well.  I’ll probably end up going over the model again and adding more highlights.

ccc_heavy1 ccc_heavy2 ccc_heavy3

The assault leader:  On the other hand, I’m very happy with how this guy turned out, barring the chipped shoes which I just noticed.  I wasn’t very satisfied with my previous attempts at steel NMM, so I tried out a more bluish tint this time and I think it looks pretty good.

ccc_leader1 ccc_leader2