Games Day Chicago 2011 – Forge World Seminar (40k)

Thanks to MajorTom11 over at Dakka Dakka we have video of the Forge World Seminar from Games Day Chicago that was held this weekend. I watched the first few videos and was in awe of the new 40k stuff coming out this year. Since there were no pictures yet, I went ahead and took screenshots from the video. Not the greatest quality but it will do!

First up, a preview of the new arms for that amazing Contemptor Class Dreadnought:

contemptor-plasma Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought with Plasma Gun contemptor-mortis-heavybolter Contemptor Mortis Pattern Dreadnought with Heavy Bolters contemptor-mortis-assaultcannon-missile Contemptor Mortis Pattern Dreadnought with Assault Cannons and Typhoon Missile Launcher contemptor-heavyconversionbeamer-gravitongun Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought with Conversion Beamer and Graviton Gun (in the right palm)
From the left – Plasmagun (cannon?), Mortis Pattern Heavy Bolters, Mortis Pattern Assault Cannons and Typhoon Missile Launcher, Heavy Conversion Beamer (with graviton gun in the palm of the other hand)

Here are some bonus pictures of some of the single weapon arms, as well as the twin Heavy Bolters. (Credit for these two photos goes to Black Dragon from Dakka)
contemptor-01 contemptor-02

A new Imperial Guard tank, the “Praetor Superheavy Armoured Assault Launcher”


A Master of the Forge with Conversion Beamer! So cool!

techmarine-conversionbeamer Master of the Forge with Conversion Beamer

Dark Eldar Tantalus

darkeldar-tantalus Dark Eldar Tantalus

And finally, a shot of one of those Forge World Realm of Battle tiles we’ve heard so much about. Apparently scenarios and special rules for these tiles will be available in the various Imperial Armour books. They’ll also be putting out these tiles for many of the various worlds they’ll be writing about in those books. Sounds good to me!

realm-of-battle-tile Realm of Battle Forge World Tile

Some more info from MajorTom on what else will be coming from Forge World:

More Marine Armor variants to come…
More Marine shoulder pad sets…
More Land Raider Variants(a plasma cannon variant was explicitly mentioned)
They will continue to introduce Special Character models from the Badab War.

That’s it for now! I’ll post if I find any more info. If you’re looking for Warhammer Forge info, I suggest this post by KrootHawk over at DakkaDakka.

Let me know what you think of these new FW models in the comments below!