Cleaning out the Closet – Various Models for Sale

Since I started playing Warhammer all those years ago I don’t think I’ve ever thrown out anything. Because of this, I’ve collected quite the pile of random stuff.

The girlfriend and I are going to be renovating the office soon so I used this as a chance to finally go through my closet of models and start throwing stuff away. Think I filled a complete garbage bag with old sprues with random useless bits, old boxes, little baggies with parts of models I’ll never use, and a host of other junk.

During this cleaning however, I managed to put aside a small mountain of models I have no use for. My loss is your gain!

Go check out my ‘For Sale” page that I’ll continuing updating as I find more stuff I don’t need. Send me an email at mike at shifted matrix dot com or leave a comment below if you’re interested in anything.