Starting a Necromunda Campaign

So a few of us from our gaming group decided to start playing Necromunda again. A big part of this was finding out that Meeplemart has plenty of Necromunda-appropriate terrain and is an amazing place to play.

The gangs we have going so far are as follows:

  • Delaque (me)
  • Escher (Tristan)
  • Arbites (Lorand)
  • Cawdor modeled as Orks (Darrin)

There are a few other guys interested in playing and we’re just waiting for them to get their gangs together.

Yesterday a few of us went down to Meeplemart and fit in a few games. Since Tristan and I already had played 2 games with our gangs, we let Darrin and Lorand play first.

Unfortunately we realized after the first few turns that matching up Darrin against Arbites was not a great idea for his first time out. We had forgotten just how good Riot Shields and Cyber Mastiffs were. The whole match was just an exercise in frustration for the Orks. For example: The Arbites opened the match with charging the dog into the front and center mob of Orks. After the dog destroyed the Grot/Juve he charged, I advised Darrin to counter charge with the remaining Juves and his Leader. Should be no problem right? That’s 3 Juves and a Leader with bolter VS a single robot dog. After the rolling was done in that first round, only the Dog was still standing. Meaning Darrin lost 5 model, including his leader, in the first two rounds of combat. To a robot dog.

You can just make out this combat in the middle of this picture I took with my phone. Look in the middle, just to the left of the dumpster and you’ll see a little shiny dog surrounded by grots and a big Ork.


In the aftermath of that game of the Ork Juves was taken into custody by the Arbites but was “released with insufficient evidence.” Since he’s using Ork models for his Cawdor and Grots for his Juves, we found this pretty hilarious.

Second game was my Delaques vs the Arbites. I managed to make him bottle, but it was a tough match. I got lucky and he failed some armour saves vs my volley of fire on one flank. I dropped a dude and his Leader to the ground and took them out with quick follow up charges. On the other flank he had a Riot Shield/Shock Maul guy slowly crossing a bridge under a hail of fire. (that bridge in the top-middle in the above picture) He eventually got to the other side and I charge 2 gangers and a juve into him. They all bounce off and gottaken out over 2 rounds of combat. Damn Riot shield is OP! Luckily he bottled first though.

Side note: I had my ganger with the Gunfighter skill forced to retire after rolling  his serious injury. So on one hand I was lucky he didn’t die and I could get my equipment back, but on the other I lost a Ganger with Gunfighter!

Third game was a Ork/Arbite rematch, but I didn’t watch it closely. I know the Arbites ended up Bottling again and the Ork gang skilled up like crazy.

So after yesterday’s games everyone should be on a more level playing field. Most of our gangs should have a gang rating of about 1400 now, so future games will start getting interesting…

4 thoughts on “Starting a Necromunda Campaign”

  1. If you are going to continue with this please contact me. I’ve got several gangs worth of Necromunda figures (even a Confrontation era “Tech Gang”) and would like a good reason to get them up and running.

  2. hi. i got in touch with your mate tristian. i was just wondering if you didnt mind telling me your paint scheme for your delaque gang from bases to shade colours. i saw the pics of them and they look the nuts. thanks. carl

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