The 40k Leauge is done!

This past Sunday marked the end of our 40k League. February 26th was the final day to play games and we just managed to fit in the remaining 3 games, tie breaker battles and give out prizes. With 12 players playing each other once, we played total of 66 games of 40k in 3 months! That’s a lot of Warhammer!

Overall I’m really happy with how the League played out. We had a great mix of veterans, newbies, competitive¬† and casual players. Most importantly everyone had a lot of fun.

One small issue we had was that I didn’t really plan ahead a way to break any ties, so at the last minute I drafted up some rules for character battles. As we ended up with a 3 way tie for 2nd place, these rules were really needed!

I also worked really hard with our sponsor and host Meeplemart to make sure we had a full table of 12 prizes. I felt it was important that everyone went home with something even if the $20 entry fee didn’t cover 12 prizes. But with a little out of my own pocket, a great contribution from Meeplemart and one donated prize from the group, we managed to hit 12 prizes. These prizes were given away via a ‘draft’ system, were I put the prizes out on a table and starting with the person in 1st place everyone went up in order and picked what they wanted. This is my favorite way to handle event prizes.


Now for the final standings! (* mark tiebreaks)

  1. Mike – Dark Eldar
  2. Dave* – Necrons
  3. Raf* – Necrons
  4. Lorand* – Blood Angels
  5. Claudio – Space Wolves
  6. Wes – Grey Knights
  7. Darrin – Chaos Marines
  8. Jon** – Chaos Marines
  9. Joey** – Chaos Marines
  10. Matthew*** – Imperial Guard
  11. Sean*** – Grey Knights
  12. Rob – Orks

Yes you read that right, I finished in first place in my own event! I didn’t cheat! I swear!

The tiebreaker battles didn’t work out quite as well as I wanted, but everyone still seemed to have a good time. Here’s what took place:

The battle for second place was between Dave, Raf and Lorand. Two Necron Lords and a Blood Angel Librarian makes for an… interesting battle. The fight was, predictably, all about this mindshackle scarab rolls. This kept the BA Librarian busy until the other two Lords could take him out. Then the two Necron Lords tried to his each other with scarabs until Raf’s Lord ran away.

8th place was between two chaos players, Joey and Jon. Joey brought a Khorne marked Daemon Prince, Jon used a Tzeentch marked Chaos lord. After the Lord caused a few wounds with his shooting attack, the Prince charged and the two combatants ended up killing each other. With time running out the ended up rolling off and Jon came out on top.

The final battle was for 10th place and Matthew used a Guard Command Squad and Sean used a Grandmaster. This was a very short battle as right before the Grandmaster was in charge range the Imperial Guard command hit him with 3 meltaguns, only 1 hit and wound… and the Grandmaster failed his 4+ inv save! Instakilled!

That’s it for this season! Thanks to everyone that participated and thanks again to Meeplemart for helping us out so much and providing an amazing venue to play at.

Just a note: I don’t plan on running another League until at least next winter. Instead I will be running a tournament and possibly a campaign over the summer at Meeplemart. Keep posted for more info on that!