Thousand Sons

This is my old 1000 points Thousand Sons army from 3rd edition, if anybody remembers back when there was a GW store at the Toronto Eaton Center.  This was finished around 7-8 years ago and has seen it’s fair share of gaming and transport, so chipping, chipping everywhere.  This is the first army where that I really tried to make everything look nice and try out fancy-pants painting techniques like NMM.  The terminators were converted by a friend of mine, Jon Ho.


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  • Ophiguris says:

    These are absolutely beautiful – your gold is outstanding X_X”!

    I envy your skills~

  • Joey says:

    What colors did you use on them. Like the blues and golds, I hope to do Thousand Sons army as good as this one in the near future.

  • Rickey James Morang says:

    I have a client who gave me two of these Rhinos to paint, Thank you very much for providing the inspiration to paint them. I will send some pics when I’m done with them if you like….

  • Nika Jovanovic says:

    what are the swords for the terminators?

  • Hexonos says:

    A little too cartoonish for my taste