Announcing the Astronomi-con Toronto Mini-con Tournament!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be running my first 40k tournament on April 28! Every year our gaming group spends a lot of time preparing for our favourite tournament in Toronto, Astronomi-con. Most of our year revolves around planning our armies, testing lists, and painting up our models just for this one event. We …

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And we’re back!

After a bit of downtime, we’re back online. Had a bit of an issue with a corrupt wordpress install. Happened at the worst possible time of course. Been busy in the personal life and haven’t had a chance to get the site restored. But here we are! Astronomi-con is coming up soon. I have until …

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New Server!

The new is under construction! The old web host failed me, so bare with me as I set everything up again with a new CMS. I will be uploading images to the gallery again as things go on.