The Truth Behind GW Playtesting

I don’t usually do this, but I have to bring some attention to this great guest article written by Mike Major (co-creator and organizer of the amazing Astronomi-con Tournaments I go to every year.) from over at Blood of Kittens. Instead of explaining what it is myself, I’ll just copy the intro paragraph written by TastyTaste.

For many of us the mystery of what goes on behind the gilded doors of GW are filled with rumor and conjecture. I have always been surprised by how few Interviews and discussions are conducted by members of GW design teams. It leaves the public with so many unanswered questions on how GW goes about designing their games. Luckly GW does use play-testers that lay outside their corporate structure. One such play-tester is Mike Major a tournament organizer for Astronomi-con he has been gracious enough to pull back a bit of the veil that shrouds GW thought process when designing our favorite games. You can find his name on many projects the latest of which was the Battle Mission book. Let us see what he has to say!

To read the full thing, click here.