MERCS Minis – Megacon Overview

For those of you looking to get into the game of MERCS, one of the coolest things about the game is the wide range of factions you can play. Each one has a very distinct and unique look and playstyle. If you don’t fall in love with at least one of these factions then I don’t know if I can help you…

Currently Released Megacons

CCC (Yellow Jackets)

ccc_squad_leader heavy

Located: Northeast United States
Corporate Strengths: Reliability, Nanite Armor
Intelligence Report: The CCC is a strong MegaCon. They are often targets of covert corporate espionage due to their stranglehold on formed flexible steel. The have strong ties with the GCC, and are constantly in litigation to protect and revise a large library of patents. They also have a non-binding trade pact with sefadu, who supply the CCC with the diamonds used to create ammunition.


kem_var_assault kem_var_squad_leader

Located: Brazil and Venezuela
Corporate Strengths: Active Camouflage, Small group tactics
Intelligence Report: Easily one of the smallest MegaCons, Kem-Var none-the-less has controlling interest in 72% of the world’s energy creation and distribution. Their remote location prevents takeovers, and their “friendliness” with the FCC keeps them relatively safe.

USCR (United Soviet Corporate Republic)

uscr_assault_leader uscr_sniper

Located: Russia and Alaska
Corporate Strengths: Heavy Armor, Intimidation
Intelligence Report: The largest MegaCon in terms of land possession, the USCR operates more like a government than a business. They are a formidable opponent on the field of combat, but often seem more intent to isolate themselves from the rest of the world than interact

FCC (Free Corporate Control)

fcc_housemaster fcc_boomer_final

Located: Lost Margin
Strengths: quid pro quo, Sectarian structure
Intelligence Report: The FCC was formed out of the tumultuous events of September 30, 2156. The dissolution of five global systems created the Lost Margin: estranged ex-MegaCon employees, assets, technology, weapons, and territory. The FCC now functions like sectarian franchises that meet collectively twice a year to define success, and determine future strategy. Because they are outside GCC control, many MegaCons take advantage of autonomous nature of individual FCC branches to spy, or combat rival MegaCons. This is done through both monetary support and through physical assets such as techs and black ops MERCS.

Keizai Waza

waza_leader waza_sniper

Located: Japan, Indochina, and Australia
Corporate Strengths: Assassination, Nuclear
Intelligence Report: Keizai Waza are as ambitious as they are formidable. They are clearly the strongest MegaCon in the eastern hemisphere. They, unlike other MegaCons, have continued to explore Nuclear technologies, including nuclear powered armors and nuclear small armaments. Though unsubstantiated, Keizai Waza has reportedly had outspoken critics and rival corporate leaders assassinated.



Located: Central Africa
Corporate Strengths: Laser Tech, Melee Combat
Intelligence Report: sefadu is a growing MegaCon power. Their recent revolutions in laser technology have enabled them to dictate terms to the world. Able to repel and defend their natural resources for the first time has brought an unforeseen solidarity to the once fracture corporate state. They support the CCC with diamonds for ammunitions, and in return the CCC is quick to defend and support sefadu before the GCC and other MegaCons.


For a great summary of each faction’s playstyle, as well as pictures of each faction’s models, see this blog post at Guerrilla Miniature Games.

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