Salamanders Command Squad – WIP

In preparing for Astronomi-con, I’ve been toying with a few different ideas on how to get a unit with a little more punch into my army. Not only that, but I’m also looking to hopefully bump up my appearance score with something ‘cool’.

So I built a command squad!


The squad’s loadout was something that took a little time to finally decide on. The only thing I knew for certain going into it was I wanted the commander to have a Relic Blade and Combi-melta.

commander3 commander commander2

I’ve also been wanting to somehow work a representation of my friend’s Imperial Fists into my own army and this proved a great opportunity. I also really wanted to paint a Space Shark marine, and another friend plays Space Sharks, so I worked that into the squad as well. I tried to be somewhat fluffy in my wargear choices, so the Imp Fist gets a Power Fist and Plasma gun (63 pts!) and the Space Shark started as a Company Champion with a Lightning claw, but now I know that’s not allowed so he will just be another vet with Claw/Storm Shield.

plasmafist-impfist champ-shark

Then I rounded out the squad with another Plasma gunner, the Apothecary and the ‘Wound Magnet’ who just has a Chainsword and Stormshield. He’s no stranger to powerweapons and other nasty things, so I used bitz to make his entire one side full of bionic replacements. For some reason in the first few games, he is always the last one alive…

apoth plasma1 sheildbionics

I have to say, the extensive bitz box really helped out when building these guys. Searching through my nest of random bitz is always a good time.

Painting is already started on the squad, but finishing them up will have to wait until I get some other things done that I know I’ll be taking to Astro. I’m just not sold on these guys performance wise, but they sure look cool!