Space Wolves – Battle for Bekrin

Note: This player has dropped out of the campaign.

Player: Claudio Paola
Codex: Space Wolves
Army: Bran Redmaw’s Great Company


It’s a cold night on the ice planet of Fenris. Fenrisian Wolves circle around The Fang, the mighty stronghold of Russ’ Space Wolves. Inside the fortress, the great “Feast of the Emperor’s Ascension” in honor of the day the Emperor defeated Horus and ascended to full divinity on the Golden Throne is being celebrated by all Wolf Astartes, marines and War Lords. Ales, Mjod, liquor so potent that it would eat through the guts of a normal human and meats are being consumed as the celebration goes on. Suddenly, loud howls are heard outside the chamber doors. Howls that can put fear into any Astartes.

The Curs’d Lord Bran Redmaw and his company of blood thirsty wolf-kin quieted the great hall of The Fang as they slammed open the chamber doors. The drinking and feasting had instantly yielded the moment a massive cool breeze swept the hall and all Wolf Astartes had a shiver sent down their spine. Ulrik The Slayer stood frozen in place at the altar where he and Bjorn the Fell-Handed conversed for he knows when he sees the Bloodied-Hunter, mankind and Astartes alike tremble. There was silence throughout. But there was one Wolf that was pleased at the very sight. The Great Wolf, Logan Grimnar stood up from his throne and laughed, sending an echo throughout the fortress of The Fang. “Come forth brother”, he said. Redmaw stepped forward and as he walked through the hall, he was able to smell all the fear in his brothers. His company followed behind him. Their yellow eyes, vicious claws and teeth as sharp as Adamantium were enough to make the Grey Hunters put down their drinks and bow their heads in respect for they all know; any sign of disrespect could mean death in n instant.

Redmaw approached Logan Grimnar and offered him a Fenrisan Wolf pelt that he personally made as a thank you for the invitation to the feast. “You are a savage, cunning, ruthless killer and one of my most honorable brothers.” Logan said to Redmaw. “All of you should be afraid of this man for he is a true warrior of Russ”, Logan bellowed out to all the Astartes watching. Ulrik is displeased with Grimnar’s honour towards Redmaw and leaves the great hall. “And that is the very reason I have requested you must be here this night.” He says softly to Redmaw as he puts his hand on his shoulder. Arjac, Grimnar’s personal champion watches closely as The Great Wolf nears the Wulfen beast for no one truly knows what violent acts Redmaw could be thinking. He is a feral beast no one but Logan himself trusts. “Come and let us venture forth and consume this delicious brew, Bran. I’m sure you haven’t celebrated in these casual ways since you were by my side all those years ago.” Login grabbed larges chalices from his bar stand and handed one to Bran. The two of them walk over to speak in private. Arjac informs his fellow Wolf brothers to continue the feast and then follows closely behind the two warlords.

The Great Wolf and Redmaw walk deep into the fortress of The Fang as they consume their mead and discuss old and new tidings. They come to Grimnar’s weapon’s chamber and Redmaw reveals a smirk as he looks around at all weapons that have spilled blood throughout the ages. The sound of crackling wood burning on the fireplace echoes in the room. “Brother Redmaw. I have chosen you amongst the countless other warlords to venture to Berkin.” The two of them stop walking and turn to each other. “It is a land unoccupied by man and must remain that way and you must assist me in this task. Once you have neutralized Jericho Reach, my company and I will come to you co ordinates.” Grimnar pauses. “I take it you’re not enjoying your drink, Wolfen?” Redmaw cannot stand the taste of Astartes’s pleasures and spits out what he drank. He wipes his mouth and puts his chalice onto the mantle where Grimnar’s Axe Morkai lays. “I enjoy something a little redder and a little sweeter. I understand what you ask of me Great Wolf.” Redmaw replied. “You’re the best at what you do, and what you do isn’t very pleasing and all Astartes, Imperial or Chaotic know this and dare not stand in your way.” Logan replied. “Any special instruction my Lord?” Redmaw asked as he begins drooling at the very thought of the near future. “You brother must rendezvous with Captain Antonio and Captain Roland of the Blood Angels. They await your arrival and have already departed for Berkin. You’ll know what do to from there onward”. Redmaw’s begins to frown in anger. “Why have you requested me to ally with such Astartes that claim to be blood frenzied and battle driven when they can’t even look me in the eyes and accept a worthy opponent?” Redmaw replies back to Logan in a fit of rage. “Senginious himself would tuck tail and run at the very site of me and you want me to assist them?” Arjac sees this from a distance and immediately comes to aid the Great Wolf. “No Arjac, stay back.” Logan interfered. “You must understand that Bran and I can never do battle. He knows I am his only worthy opponent and because of that, will put down his arms. Now go back to the Great Hall and see to the care of the others.” Arjac turns and walks away. “Please brother, I mean no disrespect. Aid them as much as possible. Anyone that has you by their side should be grateful, even the Blood Angels. It is times like these where a little more ferocity and feral nature may be the only way to victory.” Grimnar places his hand a second time on Redmaw’s shoulder. “Do whatever it takes. Make the sons of Russ proud”. Those were the Great Wolf’s final words before he walked off back to the Great Hall. Redmaw’s eyes are big and bright with fury but he manages to conceal the beast within and follow his Lord.

Back in the Great Hall, Bran Redmaw musters up his company who have indulged in the sweet brews and ales. Before heading out the door however, an intoxicated Canis Wolfborn steps in front of Redmaw. Perhaps it is the all the brew that makes him as courageous as he is and all Astartes look onto this in awe. Redmaw has always enjoyed Canis’ company for he is also a great fighter who takes pleasure in a good battle. Canis, in a stumbling state offers Redmaw his personal Thunderwolf, Fangir. “Please accept this offer.” He said. “He will be by your side and provide you with the strength of Russ himself”. Canis stumbles and falls on his knees laughing with joy. Redmaw looks down to him and accepts his feral beast companion and promises to return him. Bran helps Canis up by the arms only to come face to face with Arjac. “You’re going to need more than your tiny axe.” Arjac says as he hands him his Anvil Shield and wishes him luck before he leaves the Great Hall. Bran Redmaw and his company immediately leave The Fang and make way for Berkin.

“ The beast still retains a hunter’s cunning, using stealth and patience to close with its prey before pouncing upon them in an explosion of bloody violence. ” – Bran Redmaw

Supreme Warlord

Bran Redmaw Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Wolf Lord HQ 6 5 5/10 5 3 1 5 10 2+/3+ 265
Warlord Trait: Master of Manoeuvre

Storm Shield
Power Fist
Thunderwolf Mount
Runic Armor
Wolftooth Necklace
Frag & Krak Grenades
Saga of the Bear

Special Rules
Acute Senses
Eternal Warrior
And They Shall Know No Fear
Independent Character