Battle for Bekrin Round 8


Due to the Arena of Death event that happened on Saturday, this round was a little light on games. With only 4 games recorded the map has changed very little from the end of Round 7.

The biggest change this round was the continued collapse of Team Yellow. With Poxulissies of the Syphilitic Host almost completely withdrawing from the conflict the Word Bearers were left to fight battles with the Blood Angels and xenos Necrons on their own. The strength provided from the warp has started to wane and the Word Bearers were dealt two crushing defeats. With only 1 tile left in the campaign how long will the Word Bearers hold out?

With Team Blue seemingly losing faith in their Sisters of Battle allies, the Sisters have regrouped and come back hard to defend against a Demonic attack by Team Red. After a long, grueling match the Deamons did come out on top, but only barely.

Finally, the Imperial Guard forces of Team White had to defend their largely contested Spaceport from renegade invaders on Team Orange. With a solid victory Team Orange continues to strengthen their hold on a large part of the surface of Bekrin including almost all the starports.

Here are links to the Game Log as well as the Map Tile spreadsheet.

As I’ve been lacking photos of the games played in recent rounds, I made sure I took as many as I could this weekend. Enjoy!