What’s on the Desk: New Resin bases, Salamanders get paint

Well I caved and bought a new set of resin bases for my Salamander army. I had my reasons, but I was just not as excited to come back and finish my army as I once was. Two major stumbling blocks for me 1) I didn’t really like how my lava bases were turning out 2) couldn’t figure out how I wanted to paint my scouts.

Well, I ordered new bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures and got to work painting them as soon as they arrived. Here is an early work in progress shot:

bases wip A work in progress shot of my new resin bases

Working on these bases inspired me to get my models back out and I’m working on them again. Here’s what’s on my painting desk right now to show where I’m at so far:

Sallies WIP Bench shot A shot of my workbench right now. Not shown: The cluttered mess of crap covering the rest of the desk.

I think I’ve cracked how I want my scouts to look!