Current Projects – Salamanders Razorback and Librarian

While these models are not quite done yet, I wanted to show off what I’ve been working on over the past 2 weeks.

First up is a Salamander Razorback armed with a Twin-Linked Assault Cannon, extra armour and a dozer blade. The layered armoured panels came from Chapterhouse Studios and they just look great. The resin pieces fit into the Rhino kit with minimal problems, I just had to fill a few small gaps with a small strip of plasticard.


The dozer blades came from the Imperial Guard tank accessory sprue. Sine I won’t always be using the dozer blades and the Razorbacks won’t fit in my case with them attached, I spent the time to magnetize them to the bottom of the tank. Now I can remove them when they are not needed.


The other thing I’ve started working on is my Terminator Librarian. I really love this model, and I was very happy with the small conversion I’ve done to him. It took me a while to decide how exactly I wanted to paint him up, as there are many ways to paint a Librarian, but I settled on the scheme from the Index Astartes article from way back in the day. (that is, blue right arm, shoulder pad, helmet, psychic hood and tabbard, with the rest of the armour in green) After blocking out the colours, I tried a blue right knee pad as well, but I’ll probably go over that with black like the rest of the army.


That’s it for now. Expect more updates soon. Astronomi-con Toronto is just under 3 weeks away and I still have a ton to paint!


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