New Dark Eldar Court of the Archon Models – Sslyth and Lhamhean Poisoner

Sslyth and Lhamhean Poisoner Sslyth and Lhamhean Poisoner

So I think it’s settled. Even though I’m going to be working on a Haemonculi Coven themed Dark Eldar army, I’m still going to have to work in a Court of the Archon. Between the amazing Medusae and Ur-Ghul the unveiled a few weeks back and now these amazing Sslyth and Lhamhean Poisoner models… I just don’t think I can help myself. I… must… paint… freaky alien things!

No announcement yet on when these two models will be coming out, but with GW’s new release strategy I would expect to see them on shelves in the next month or so. According to this post at BoLS, these models will be released September 10th! Thanks to Bizarre Showbiz for letting me know.

(photo credit to Cohinor of Warseer Forums)

  • Bizarre Showbiz

    thanks for the pic.

    Theyre coming out 10th of september