Cleaning out the Closet 2012 – Various Models for Sale

It’s time to clean out the closet! Last year’s sale was really successful, but just 12 months later I seem to have acquired even more stuff I don’t really need. My loss, your gain!

Just a few of the items I want to get rid of:

  • Various Tyranid metal bugs (Hive Tyrant, Zoanthropes, Lictors, Tyrant Guard)
  • OOP metal Imperial Guard Cadians
  • metal Grey Knight terminators
  • OOP metal Skaven slaves
  • a small Wood Elf army
  • metal Circle Orboros models
  • and a whole bunch of other stuff!

So head on over to the ‘For Sale’ section of the website and take a look! I’ve taken lots of good pictures of the models, you might find something you want! I’m more concerned with getting rid of the stuff rather than making a lot of money, so lets make a deal!

Here are direct links to the Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy and Other model lists.

I’ll continuing updating as I find more stuff I don’t need anymore. Send me an email at mike at shifted matrix dot com or leave a comment below if you’re interested in anything.


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