Download E-books Guide to the Technocracy (Mage: The Ascension) PDF

By Phil Brucato

We're the maximum clinical minds of the realm. We effect each element of human society. We shield the Earth from the extraterrestrial beings with out and the deviants inside. via order, technological know-how and expertise, our conventions form the process the long run and catalog the wonders of the cosmos. we're there every time anyone makes use of a device. We create the developments that safeguard and luxury humanity. we elect how day after today improves past this day. when you are able to form the area and prepared to sacrifice your self for humanity, you will be one in all us.All the data had to run a Technocracy-based Chronicle: Technocracy characters, new talents, units and strategies, Technocratic association and extra. discover the defenses of Technocratic bases, their corridors of political energy and their hopes for the longer term. detect how they take care of supernatural threats and what wonders they discover. study the Union's ideals and objectives, and the way it plans to empower all of humanity.

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Download E-books Ancient Bloodlines (Vampire) PDF

Remnants of a long time Past

The Blood is not stagnant. It alterations with the days, no matter if the Kindred that hold it do not. each epoch ends up in new variations of the 5 clans. a few of them die out once they aren't any longer worthy, yet others keep on, even to the fashionable nights. a few were forgotten. a few are able to reclaim what they've got misplaced. All maintain items of the cultures and occasions that created them.

Weapons for the Present

Twenty new bloodlines, in accordance with the historic flashpoints provided in historic Mysteries
New Disciplines, Devotions, factions, antagonists, mysterious areas and numerous different thoughts of Vampire chronicles
Two new different types of blood magic - Haitian Kindred Vodoun and Sumerian Mérges Sorcery

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Download E-books Grasp of the Emerald Claw (Dungeon & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Eberron Setting Adventure) PDF

By Bruce R. Cordell

The 3rd stand-alone experience for the hot Eberron crusade setting.

This full-length event for the latest D&D® crusade environment showcases a few of the most original characteristics of the Eberron surroundings. It performs out around the Eberron international and is designed to both be a stand-alone experience or a right away follow-up to the 1st and moment released Eberron adventures, Shadows of the final warfare™ and Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade™.

AUTHOR BIO: Bruce R. Cordell, an Origins-award-winning writer, has designed over 30 video game titles, together with the elevated Psionics Handbook™. He additionally co-authored Libris Mortis: The booklet of Undead™, the Planar Handbook™, the Epic point Handbook™, and Underdark™.

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Download E-books Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Hell Unleashed (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game) PDF

By F. Wesley Schneider

  • Break the seals of Hell and unharness final evil upon your Pathfinder crusade with an unholy choice of devils, cultists, and worse. Pathfinder crusade atmosphere: Hell Unleashed provides twelve diabolically distinct encounters that includes the slaves and masters of the infernal realm, together with an Asmodean summoning ritual primed to tear open fact, a deadly Hellknight try out of worthiness, glimpses into the soul-markets of the infernal city of Dis, profane info at the infamous ebook of the Damned, and a march in the course of the citadel of 1 of Hell's god-like gatekeepers.
  • Each access contains complete facts for operating a specific stumble upon or servant of evil, info on its heritage and machinations, how you can use it in an ongoing crusade, maps of the similar web site, and more.

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Download E-books Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves (AD&D Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms, Book+Map) PDF

By Steven E. Schend

Cormanthyr: Empire of Elves, an ARCANE AGE crusade growth for the FORGOTTEN nation-states atmosphere, comprises all of the details essential to commence both a full-fledged Cormanthyran crusade or a trip again in time a few seven-hundred years to work out the town of track at its so much excellent. This 160-page e-book comprises exhaustive information at the heritage, tradition, army, society, and voters of the wooded area country of Cormanthyr. gains comprise a timeline of elven heritage on Toril, a rundown of Cormanthyr's ruler and significant participants, plus additional information at the urban of fantasy Drannor at its top in addition to at the groups of Semberholme and the Tangled Vale. additionally, a brand new strong point wizard, the elven dualist, is brought and particular. additionally incorporated is a huge part that provides the reader wisdom of the elves' magical rites, rituals, and targeted magical guns and goods. positive aspects contain new and multiplied principles at the elves' effective excessive Magic, moonblades, and the multitude of magics that helped make delusion Drannor the glittering gem of Faerûn that it used to be. ultimately, a two-sided, full-color map of the country of Cormanthyr and an aerial view of delusion Drannor entire this interesting package deal - the biggest number of elven lore ever.

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Download E-books Virtual Realities 2.0: A Shadowrun Sourcebook PDF

Digital Realities 2.0 deals an entire overhaul of all of the principles for working Shadowrun's around the world desktop community, the Matrix. New principles supply a faster-playing model of decking in the course of the internet, replace Shadowrun know-how, and provide new apparatus and gear principles. This sourcebook additionally contains ideas for taking part in otaku, the mysterious technoshamans who appear to stay within the Matrix, and gives the most up-tp-date information regarding Matrix legislations and synthetic intelligence. digital Realities 2.0 replaces the digital Realities sourcebook.

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Download E-books Forgotten Realms Adventures (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Hardcover Accessory Rulebook) PDF

The arrival of the Avatars and the Time of issues prompted super adjustments within the Forgotten geographical regions. parts of useless magic and wild magic have seemed; personality sessions were altered; new magical spells were found; previous gods were slain and new ones arisen. all of the alterations and updates are included into this one crucial quantity for FORGOTTEN geographical regions gamers and dungeon masters alike. Get new details on distinctiveness clergymen, forex, new guns, and treasure. Take an in depth travel of the key towns of the heartland, from the Sword Coast to the Dragon succeed in, together with the Moonsea, the Dalelands, Cormyr, and Sembia. the most well-liked and interesting myth global ever released will get even greater with this amazing complement.

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Download E-books The Bermuda Triangle (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, 1990s Era) PDF

What secrets and techniques lie in the Devil's Triangle? Why used to be the Mary Celeste deserted after it gone through the triangle's waters? What brought on the disappearance of a whole flight of Avengers in 1945? Why do electronics fail within the triangle for no obvious cause? Now, the solutions can finally be revealed.

The Bermuda Triangle is a Nineteen Nineties sourcebook founded round the well-known secret of the Devil's Triangle. It acts as a guidebook to the total Caribbean zone, detailing not just Bermuda, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, and different within sight islands, but in addition exposing the mysteries of Rha'thylla, the Sargasso Sea, and extra. instructions are incorporated for operating whole Caribbean campaigns. The booklet concludes with "The Privateer's Diary", a scenario.

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Download E-books DragonMech Shardsfall Quest (Sword Sorcery) PDF

By Joseph Goodman

It can save you The PlanetA moon meteor shatters into a number of items because it streaks throughthe sky. On every one shard is a part of a mysterious temple dedicatedto a lunar god. you need to find the entire templefragments beforewhatever’s inside of can unfold. however the fragments have fallen farand broad — andyou’re no longer the single one trying to find them….But purely Your Mech Can store YouThis epic event sourcebook introduces gamers to the basicconcepts, factions, and ideas of the DragonMech campaignsetting. Over the adventure’s 3 episodes, characters mustbalance political intrigue amongthe Stenian Confederacy, Legionand Irontooth Clans with dramatic mech wrestle opposed to lunarinvasion!Sword & Sorcery books are released underthe Open GameLicense and are a hundred% suitable with v.3.5 principles and thed20 method.

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