Imperal Guard Army – 5th Merican Division “The Nova Yorkers”

Our gaming group was a little disappointed that our friend Darrin didn’t get any pictures of his army taken while we were at Astronomi-con Toronto a few weeks back. So to make it up for him I wanted to dedicate a whole post into showing of his amazing Imperial Guard.

You should note that his entire army is made from the old metal Cadian models mixed with the newer plastic and Forgeworld kits. The whole Army theme he has going works really well.

To quote Darrin;

“They are the 5th Merican Division “The Nova Yorkers”. Specifically the 345th Brigade, 12th Batallion, 2nd Company attached to the 267th Expeditionary Fleet.”

He can also be quoted in saying;

Of course bro, I am the pinnacle of the hobby.

In all seriousness, playing against Darrin and his guard is always a good time.  And I can say that even though he always beats me.


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